Arnold Schwarzenegger's - How Times have changed

How times have changed

A famous actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, shared a picture of himself napping on the street next to his bronze statue. He wrote with a touch of sadness, "See how times have changed." Back when Arnold was the governor of California, he attended the hotel's grand opening. The hotel management assured Arnold that he could visit anytime and use a room reserved just for him. However, when Arnold was no longer the governor, and he came to the hotel, they refused to give him a room unless he paid because the hotel was in high demand. So, he bought a sleeping bag and slept under his statue. He explained that he wanted to tell people this message: "How times have changed" When I held an important job, they always praised me. But when I lost that job, they forgot about me and didn't keep their promises. Don't rely too much on your positions, money, strength, or intelligence because nothing lasts forever.

How times have changed
How times have changed- Arnold

You have time you make the time

Many people struggle with managing their time, but it's important to remember that each day has 24 hours. Instead of saying, "I have a hard time with time, and I don't have time for this," I want to share my experience. When I first came to this country, I attended school, worked in construction, exercised for 5 hours a day, and took acting classes from 8 PM to midnight. I did all these things because I wanted to make the most of every hour in a day. So, I just want to emphasize that you have the time; it's about how you choose to use it.

Make use of Time

There is still time for you

Simpler isn't always better. When you constantly blame others for your problems, you're not taking responsibility for your actions. You're giving away your power and weakening yourself. People who choose the easy path of hatred never reach the end of their journey and say, "What a great life." No, they live and die in misery. It doesn't matter how far you've gone; I want you to understand that you can still make a choice. You can choose a life filled with strength. There's still time for you to opt for strength, embrace life, and take control of your mind. You can do it.

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