Top 10 jobs that are expected to be replaced by AI in the next five years


Our world has undergone a rapid transformation over the past ten years due to artificial intelligence (AI), and its effects on the workforce are only now starting to be felt. While some believe that artificial intelligence will create new jobs and good opportunities, others believe that it will replace human workers and might affect human beings. In this article, we will look at the top ten vocations that AI is anticipated to replace in the next five years.

AI will replace human
AI will replace human

Top 10 jobs to be replaced by AI are:

1. Data entry clerks

Data entry clerks are in charge of entering information into various computer systems. However, AI algorithms can perform this task more accurately and efficiently than human workers, rendering this job obsolete.

2. Bank tellers:

Bank tellers have already been largely replaced by ATMs, and AI-powered virtual assistants are poised to take over the rest of their duties, such as account inquiries and transactions.

3. Telemarketers:

Telemarketing is an industry that relies on repetitive sales pitches, which can be easily automated using AI-powered chatbots or voice assistants.

4. Receptionists:

AI-powered virtual assistants can handle tasks such as scheduling appointments, answering calls, and directing visitors, making human receptionists less necessary.

5. Proofreaders:

Proofreading is a tedious task that requires careful attention to detail, but AI-powered software can quickly and accurately detect errors, making proofreaders redundant.

6. Assembly line workers:

Robots and AI-powered machines are increasingly being used to perform repetitive tasks on assembly lines, such as welding and painting, reducing the need for human workers.

7. Couriers and delivery drivers:

Self-driving cars and drones are expected to revolutionize the logistics industry, making couriers and delivery drivers unnecessary.

8. Accountants: 

Artificial intelligence systems can analyse vast volumes of financial data and provide reports with more accuracy and speed than human accountants, potentially rendering this career obsolete.

9. Customer care representatives:

 AI-powered chatbots and voice assistants are growing more smart, and they can do many customer support jobs without human participation.

10. Retail salespeople:

 Self-checkout machines and AI-powered assistants who can offer product suggestions and deliver personalised shopping experiences are threatening to replace retail salespeople.


While AI is expected to create many new job opportunities, it is also expected to make some jobs obsolete. The careers listed above are only a few examples of occupations that are expected to be replaced by AI in the next years. It is critical that we adapt to these changes by gaining new skills and pursuing car fieldsligence that are less likely to be affected by robotization. Overall, the emergence of AI will significantly alter the pool, and it is up to us to prepare for this future.

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